Source open switch software: Microsoft extends OCP with SONiC

SONiC – Software for Open Networking in the Cloud – is now available under an open source license, running on Debian by default and ultimately on any Linux distribution. SONIC will also be joined by Arista, Broadcom, Dell and Mellanox.

At the Open Compute Project (OCP) US Summit, Microsoft offered to extend the OCP to Software for Open Networking in the Cloud, or SONiC for short. The company understands it as “a collection of software networking components needed to build network devices such as switches.” Next to Microsoft, SONiC will also be joined by Arista, Broadcom, Dell and Mellanox.

“Together with the SAI (Switch Abstraction Interface – which Microsoft contributed last year), SONiC will allow cloud operators to leverage hardware innovations, but also provide them with a framework to switch to open source code for applications in the network switch build. We believe it’s the missing piece of the puzzle to create a fully open-source switch platform, with a unified software stack for hardware from different switch manufacturers, “writes Microsoft.

On GitHub , SONiC is now available under an open source license. It runs Debian by default , but can be run under any Linux distribution, as it says in a FAQ.

The Open Compute Project (OCP), launched by Facebook in 2011 , publishes open hardware designs to make data centers comparatively cheap and resource efficient. So far, it has specifications for motherboards, chipsets, cabling, sockets, connectors, open networking and switches.

Microsoft joined the OCP in 2014 . It is a founding member of the SAI department, to which it also contributes. With the accession Microsoft had also announced to contribute its cloud server specification. It is a server chassis with 12U that can accommodate 24 1U server. Even his software Chassis Manager put it under an Apache license.

The SAI specification accepted the Open Compute Project in July 2015. Contributions came from Barefoot, Broadcom, Cavium, Dell, Mellanox and Metaswitch. SAI builds on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Switch (ACS), which it uses only internally.

Facebook also presented a new server design at the Open Compute Project US Summit . In addition, Google announced its accession to the association.

CeBIT: T-Systems offers cloud migration at a fixed price

T-Systems intends to present a new cloud migration offer at the CeBIT in Hanover (14 to 18 March, Hall 4, Stand C38). Cloudifier is the package of consulting, transformation of an application and operation. Depending on the complexity and scope of the solution, the price is calculated. The program offers T-Systems for SAP, Microsoft and other applications. The operation of the applications is guaranteed to be provided by T-Systems from a data center on German soil.

T-Systems’ end-to-end packages range from potential analysis to advice on the optimal cloud target architecture and digital transformation to the cloud, right through to operation.

First, T-Systems uses a technical analysis in the system landscape to record all customer applications and assess them according to age, interfaces, interactions with other applications and their development environment.

Based on this analysis, it is then decided which installed applications should be consolidated, migrated, or modernized or superseded. If users already have cloud projects, T-Systems can further streamline cloud operations.

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