Google Calendar now with archiving feature

Users of Google’s services can now back up data and Google Calendar entries in an archive. The feature also supports multiple calendars when a user uses different calendars. For archiving only a few steps are necessary.

Prerequisite is an account with the mail service Gmail. By clicking on the profile picture in the upper right corner and selecting the link “Account” the user comes to their own account page. There you can select the item “Download data” in the menu “Account”. After clicking on “Create archive”, Google displays a list of all available products for which data can be exported in ZIP, TGZ or TBZ format.

In addition to a complete backup, the user can also select specific offers. In the case of Google Calendar, you can then choose whether to include all calendars or just one. The process is completed by selecting the “Create archive” button.

The created archive can then be downloaded by clicking on the download button. You may need to re-enter your Google password. The archive contains several folders, including one for the calendar entries and one for the profile photos. The calendar data is available as an ICS file, which can also be imported into Yahoo, Outlook, iCalender or similar services if desired.

Current supports the archiving feature including Calendar 12 Google products, such as Contacts, Google+, Youtube and Google Drive. “Tendency: Rising” it says on the product page of Google. Within the next month, the Internet company wants to provide the backup function for Gmail data, as software developer Nick Piepmeier  writes in a  blog .

Computer classic as a card quartet

Quartet is something of 1980! That’s right, but many of the computers included in Nerd Dreams’ computer classic quartet are. A total of 32 historical calculators, from the Commodore C64 to the Heathkit Hero (1972), lists the quartet.

With the help of fellow computer collectors , some of the best pieces of IT history were shot. The Amiga 500, Schneider CPC and Apple Newton, for example, are represented in the quartet. The oldest model is the Olivetti Programma 101 from 1969. The device is today considered the first real desktop.

Equal opportunities are also taken care of: How can a PC ancestor win against a youngtimer like the Appel Newton (Bj: 1993), the predecessor of the iPad? The computers of the newer generation have their strength with faster chips or more RAM. Computer dinosaurs sting at year of construction and thanks to their heavy weight. In addition, the quartet also informs about the current collector prices of these computers.

The retro computer quartet, which can be ordered for 11 euros via , started as crowdfunding action on . Due to the high popularity, the quartet could be printed at the traditional publishing house ASS Altenburger in Germany.

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